Besides specialising in sheet metal products, Witte van Moort manufactures LPG tanks. We have been producing various types of LPG tanks since 1974, including cylindrical tanks, twin tanks, and toroidal tanks (also called “ring tanks”). These are supplied directly to car manufacturers. Witte van Moort has been audited by the manufacturers and can therefore refer to itself as an OEM supplier. In addition to our standard range, we can manufacture special LPG tanks on request. In recent years, Witte van Moort has in fact focused less on standard LPG tanks and more on niche markets.

LPG tanks are subject to stringent testing requirements. For example, every tank we produce is subjected to testing at a pressure about four times higher than the usual standard. The raw material for the tanks is certified Western European material. To meet the high quality requirements, tanks undergo both destructive and non-destructive testing. At least one in every 200 tanks is subjected to intensive X-ray and material testing. This involves dividing the tank up into various material sections, with a test report being produced on each of them.

Our tanks are fitted with four separate appendages, meaning that they all function optimally. Moreover, the capacity of the pressure relief valve is well above the required standard, meaning that Witte van Moort LPG tanks are extremely safe.

Witte van Moort produces tanks that meet various different standards, for example Regulation 67‑01, PED (CE), and TPED (Pi).  During production, records are kept of the following:

  • when the tank was manufactured;
  • which employees processed, welded, and assembled it.
  • all the certificates for the materials used are archived

Guaranteeing long-term traceability