Your partner for top-quality sheet-metal working

Witte van Moort is your partner for top-quality sheet-metal working. With over 65 years of experience, we provide not only an excellent and reliable service but above all varied and extensive expertise. We know all there is to know about deep drawing, welding, and laser cutting complex products. Witte van Moort offers:

Extensive expertise

In the engineering and production of small and medium production runs of punched, shaped and deep-drawn products.


All additional sheet metal processing, for example laser cutting, welding, powder coating, bending, etc.


Production and maintenance of tools in house and under our own control.


Very wide range of laser and welding options (both manual and robotic).

Deep drawing Simulations

Very wide range of laser and welding options (both manual and robotic).


A large number of surface treatment options for products and welded assemblies, including our own powder-coating lines. We can also handle the final assembly of (purchased) components


Processing of larger products in all types of steel plate in thicknesses from 0.75 mm to 12 mm.

A complete package

A complete range of sheet metal capabilities, many robotic and automated. As a main supplier, Witte van Moort also works closely with specialist suppliers of processes or services that cannot be carried out in house.

As a family business, Witte van Moort considers continuity and reliability to be self-evident. We have a very solid financial position, a high degree of automation, and a “lean” organisation.