What makes Witte van Moort unique is that we offer customers a wide range of sheet metal processing techniques. We stand out in particular because of our capabilities for deep drawing and cutting large and medium-sized sheet metal products. The following list will give you an impression of what we can provide:


For shearing raw material, we have a number of (automatic) shearing machines.

2D laser cutting and punching

We have multiple 2D laser-punch combinations that are fully integrated with a completely automatic sheet metal warehouse and that work unattended.

3D Laser cutting

In addition to our 2D laser machines, we have four 3D laser cutting machines, which are used to trim deep-drawn products. All the machines are equipped with transfer tables and have a maximum range of 4000 × 2000 × 750 mm.

Pressing/deep drawing

The real strength of Witte van Moort lies in deep drawing steel plate. For pressing, we use 20 hydraulic presses, many of which are equipped with automatic manipulators or handling robots.


We have five press brakes, equipped with bending and measuring systems, to process sheet metal with a maximum length of 4000 mm and a maximum bending force of 300 tonnes.


For welding sheet metal, we have a wide range of welding machines, ranging from manual machines to specialised machines that in some cases have been developed by ourselves.


For the best possible finish, we can polish welding seams and any visible welding zones on the welded sub-assemblies that we produce. In addition to manual polishing, we also use a robot for polishing.

Powder coating

We powder coat by using two fully automated and robotised powder coating lines. In preparation for powder coating, the products are first degreased, iron-phosphated, passivated, and rinsed with demineralised water.

Assembly and final fitting

The assembly and final fitting of purchased products is carried out by highly-trained and experienced employees. Giving products the right finishing touch means that we can ensure delivery of fully assembled welded sub-assemblies according to your wishes on a “just-in-time” basis.

Tools and other production devices

Our engineering team independently develop and design the necessary tools and production devices. These are then built by our highly experienced and skilled toolmakers.