Engineering and process management

Important features of our approach and service include:

  • Detailed concept development;
  • Clear and careful planning;
  • Care for the design and development of the tools;
  • Production of customised tools;
  • Maintenance of tools during their lifetime.

In the quotation phase, we start with a feasibility analysis of the desired product. That analysis is carried out by highly experienced engineers, amongst other things using simulation software. Based on the results, possible changes are defined that will ensure the manufacturability of your product. We first discuss those changes with you and then add them to our quotation. In this way Witte van Moort works with the customer to develop a concept that not only satisfies the production requirements but is also the best way of providing the functionality that you want from the product.

As soon as Witte van Moort has been awarded the contract, the engineering department designs the necessary tools using CAD-CAM software. We then produce the tools ourselves in our own workshop, supervised by the engineering department. We apply clear project planning and keep customers regularly informed of progress. That includes updates on the status of the various phases of the tools project, including the delivery of a “first-out-of-tool” product, i.e. the first product produced by the tool set.

Already during the construction of the tools we determine and secure (APQP) all the specifications needed for serial production, both for the product, the process and the quality. Once the tools have been released by the engineering department, we test each of these specifications during a PPAP process. If necessary the various specifications are optimised and secured again. After this, the process is prepared in detail and top-quality products can be made in series.

After ISIR approval by the customer, the product is ready for serial production. Based on customer orders (processed by means of EDI), the various stages of production are carefully planned so that the products can be delivered to you “just in time”. The result of all this is not only the highest possible quality but also an outstanding delivery performance.