Environment & Society

As a family business, we at Witte van Moort consider it essential to take good care of our nearest and dearest, and of future generations. With that in mind, we attach a great deal of importance to having a responsible and sustainable environmental policy. The foundation of that policy is the Witte van Moort environmental care system, which has been certified and thus complies with the ISO 14001 standard. This approach has been developed in close consultation with the various authorities and with a customised environmental permit.

In all its relationships, Witte van Moort strives for openness, harmony and for corporate social responsibility. That means you can always count on support to find the optimum solution for any topic or problem whatsoever. As a family business, we make family values the foundation of all our relationships. That determines how we relate to our employees, what we aim for in our relationship with the customer, how we tackle issues, and how we play our role in society. Our behaviour is guided by loyalty, support, cooperation, and passion.

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